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Bachelor of Arts


Biology Department

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Amy Cheng Vollmer


Because cancer cells are highly dependent on antioxidant mechanisms, artificially increasing reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels by inhibiting antioxidants is a promising therapeutic strategy. PPARy coactivator-1∝ (PGC-1∝) is a major regulator of the mitochondrion and induces the transcription of a variety of antioxidants, making it the perfect target for manipulating ROS levels.A ChIP screen revealed PGC-1∝ as a target of MiTF, a member of the MiT family of transcription factors, which also includes TFE3 and TFEB. In this study I begin to confirm that PGC-1∝ is a target gene of MITF, TFE3, and TFEB by using RNAi experiments to show that these transcription factors regulate mRNA levels of PGC-1∝ in a variety of cancerous and non-cancerous cell types. Knowing that the MiT family of transcription factors is involved in the regulation of PGC-1∝ expression gives a starting point for future studies on therapeutic manipulation of PGC-1∝.