Date of Award

Spring 2010

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Restricted Thesis

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Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Biology Department

First Advisor

Nicholas J. Kaplinsky


Barren unbranched (Ba-ub) is a new, semi-dominant maize mutant that produces either an unbranched tassel and no ear, or fasciated tassels and ears, depending on the genetic background. In a W22xA632 mapping population, tassels and ears are fasciated, and increased spikelet density is found across the tassel rachi and branches, as a result of increased spikelet pair meristem initiation. Ba-ub mapping population tassels also make fewer tassel branches than normal, and branch angle is increased. Spikelet density is increased in the ear, and most mutants produce three silks per kernel, reflecting a likely increase in floral meristem size, proliferation, or branching. Ba-ub roots were found to be agravitropic. Positional cloning places Ba-ub on the long arm of chromosome four, in a region between 195 and 226 Mb.