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This quarter's column features a report from Electronic Resources & Libraries, held February 22–25, 2015, in Austin, TX, and several reports from the Association of College and Research Libraries, held in Portland, OR, March 25–28, 2015, including one from the ScholCommCamp unconference. Topics discussed include e-resources workflows, discovery, accessibility, open access, collection development decision making, and linked data.


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This work is a part of the quarterly column "Serials Spoken Here," edited by Kurt Blythe. The contribution by Jessica Brangiel, Electronic Resources & Libraries 2015, covers six sessions at the 2015 ER&L annual conference: Is It Enough To Just Teach The Discovery Layer?; Accessibility In E-Resources Acquisitions; Helping Libraries Leverage Their Discovery Investment: Improving Collaboration Between Publishers And Discovery Solution Providers; Introduction To Usus: A Community Website On Library Usage; From Surviving To Thriving: Reimagining Collaborative E-Resource Workflows And Metadata Management For The Next Generation; And Libraries And Family: Is The Academic Library Community Supporting You?

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