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This quarter's column features a report from Electronic Resources and Libraries, held in Austin, Texas, and online March 16–19; New England Technical Services Librarians (NETSL) Annual Conference: Coming up Roses: Growing Towards the Future, held in Worcester, Massachusetts, at the Hogan Campus Center, College of the Holy Cross on April 11; North American Serials Interest Group (NASIG) 29th Annual Conference: Taking Stock and Taming New Frontiers, held in Fort Worth, Texas, May 1–4.


This work is a part of the quarterly column "Serials Spoken Here," edited by Kurt Blythe. The contribution by Jessica Brangiel, 2014 Electronic Resources And Libraries (ER&L) 9th Annual Conference: Report 2, covers three sessions at the 2014 ER&L annual conference: Through The Looking Glass: Do Librarians And Publishers See Each Other As Mad Hatters Or White Rabbits?; Beyond “I Clicked The Link, But It Didn't Work!”: What Analyzing Troubleshooting Reveals; And Here, There, And Everywhere: Where Do MARC Records For Ebooks Come From?

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