The faculty members of the Swarthmore Political Science Department reflect the exceptional pluralism of political science and seek to convey the discipline's richness and variety in course offerings, in the speakers brought to campus, and in discussions with students. Our course offerings are particularly strong in the study of China, constitutional law, the study of Congress, environmental policy and politics, faith-based social policy, the presidency, the study of American parties and elections, U.S. civil rights, international trade and political economy, the cognitive and perceptual dimensions of international politics, Latin American politics, theories of prophetic political vision, ancient and modern political theory, democratic theory and civic engagement, Iranian politics, and American political development. Students currently have access to interdisciplinary and innovative pedagogies in GIS training, for understanding local democracy in and around Swarthmore; poverty in Chester, PA; and for understanding the nature of mass incarceration in the United States. We also offer many opportunities to explore linkages between the theory and practice of politics.

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