Mathematics and statistics are among the great achievements of human intellect and at the same time powerful tools. The goal of the Department is to enable students to appreciate these achievements and use their power. To that end, majors and minors in the Department receive a firm foundation in pure mathematics and the opportunity to apply it - to statistics, physical science, biological science, computer science, social science, operations research, education, and finance. The study of mathematical sciences develops the ability to reason logically from hypothesis to conclusion, to analyze and solve quantitative problems, and to express one's thoughts clearly and precisely. Through core courses, students learn fundamental concepts, results, and methods. Through elective courses, they pursue special interests. In the process, students develop a further appreciation for the scope and beauty of our discipline. Our students grow and develop their skills in reasoning, formulation, communication, comprehension, and computation. In addition, the Department hopes that studying mathematics will foster an appreciation for the beauty and power of its methods, abstract approach, and rigorous structure.

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