FMST 025 Television Studies introduces students to major trends in critical thought regarding electronic media, including the rise of broadcast television, recent developments in narrowcast or niche programming and distribution, and the relationship among media industries, advertisers, and audiences. Special attention will be given to probing and historicizing the formal concepts of broadcast and digital TV, examining our ongoing cultural adaptation to emerging screen technologies and their attendant narrative and audiovisual forms. Coursework includes weekly blogging, one analytical paper, presentations, and the production of a creative TV-related project.


Submissions from 2023

Swat-More: A TV Studies Production, Swat-more: A TV Studies Production, Molly O'Sullivan , '24; Zara Amjad , '25; Emily Kerimian , '25; Morgan McErlean , '26; Caroline Min , '23; Ben Rotko , '25; Alexandra Kelleher , '24; Angelina Tjia , '26; Anastasia Lewis , '24; Fiona Pando , '25; Vaidehee Durgude , '25; Gaven Green , '24; Elpiniki Tsapatsaris , '24; Rocio Guay , '25; and Mixed Company