Dressed, Undressed, Cross-Dressed. Review Of The Third International Gombrowicz Festival

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Performance Review

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Winter 1998

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Features the Third International Gombrowicz Festival (1997) in Radom, Poland. Mentions that the festival is an effort to honor and present the plays of Polish playwright Witold Gombrowicz, whose many plays had been censored for years in communist Eastern Europe. Reviews and describes several plays presented at the festival, all written by Gombrowicz, including two productions of "Ivona, Princess of Burgundia," one directed by Karin Beier, and the other by Anna Augustynowicz; two productions of "Operetta," one directed by Gábor Tompa, and the other, retitled "As If 'Operetta'," directed by Jurek Sawka; and the stage adaptation of the playwright's novel "A Feast at Countess Kotlubay's," directed by Michael Hackett, among a few others.

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