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The Silk, The Shears And Marina; Or, About Biography


These are the first two volumes of the Croatian poet and novelist Irena Vrkljan's lyrical autobiography. Although each novel illuminates the other, they also stand alone as original and independent works of art. In The Silk, the Shears, Vrkljan traces the symbolic and moral significance of her life, and her vision of the fate of women in her mother's time and in her own. Marina continues the intense analysis of the poetic self, using the life of Marina Tsvetaeva to meditate on the processes behind biography.

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Northwestern University Press


I. Vrkljan


The first chapter of this work is freely available courtesy of Northwestern University Press.

The Silk, The Shears originally published in Croatian in 1984 under the title Svila, Škare. Copyright © by Biblioteka Zora. English translation copyright © 1999 by Northwestern University Press. Published 1999. All rights reserved.

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