Toward Transformation In Social Knowledge

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Toward Transformation In Social Knowledge


Discomfort with traditional empirical methods and the quest for cumulative knowledge of human action has become widespread. The recognition of theoretical and methodological inadequacies has sparked a search for a more robust conception of human science. Now, in Toward Transformation in Social Knowledge, Kenneth J. Gergen develops the ground for a view of human science as social construction. Demonstrating that descriptions of human action can neither be based in--nor corrected by--scientific observation, he provides a bold challenge to traditional views, and clears the way for new alternatives in scientific practice. This second edition contains a new introduction showing the place of this work within those movements which have taken place since it was first published nearly a decade ago. Interdisciplinary in its approach, this book will be essential reading for psychologists, sociologists, and others who seek a fresh understanding of our concept of social knowledge.

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