Comparing Depth From Motion With Depth From Binocular Disparity

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Journal Of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception And Performance


The accuracy of depth judgments that are based on binocular disparity or structure from motion (motion parallax and object rotation) was studied in 3 experiments. In Experiment 1, depth judgments were recorded for computer simulations of cones specified by binocular disparity, motion parallax, or stereokinesis. In Experiment 2, judgments were recorded for real cones in a structured environment, with depth information from binocular disparity, motion parallax, or object rotation about the y-axis. In both of these experiments, judgments from binocular disparity information were quite accurate, but judgments on the basis of geometrically equivalent or more robust motion information reflected poor recovery of quantitative depth information. A 3rd experiment demonstrated stereoscopic depth constancy for distances of 1 to 3 m using real objects in a well-illuminated, structured viewing environment in which monocular depth cues (e.g., shading) were minimized.