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Oxford Handbook Of Happiness


As a primary learning and social environment for most children, schools have tremendous potential to, and responsibility for, promoting resilience and well-being in children. This chapter reviews the rationale for focusing on resilience in education and illustrates some of the ways that schools can promote resilience in young people. Although resilience education can also encompass academic or educational resilience, the authors focus primarily on the power of schools to promote students’ social and emotional well-being and provide examples from their team’s work on school-based resilience and positive psychology interventions. As they hope to show, resilience education holds great promise in promoting the well-being of all students.


resilience, positive youth development, prevention, well-being, positive education, positive psychology, children, adolescents, youth, schools, education

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Oxford University Press


S. A. David, I. Boniwell, And A. C. Ayers


This material was originally published in Oxford Handbook of Happiness edited by Ilona Boniwell, Susan A. David, and Amanda Conley Ayers, and has been reproduced by permission of Oxford University Press. For permission to reuse this material, please visit

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