Palace Revolution For Social Psychology

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Book Review

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Contemporary Psychology


Originally published in Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books, 1975, Vol 20(2), 127-128. Reviews the book, The Explanation of Social Behaviour by Rom Harré and Paul F. Secord (see record 1973-25979-000). This volume could well be one of the more significant contributions to social psychology of the decade. The authors unfettered criticism of traditional social psychology, with its commitment to experimental methodology and limited conception of human behavior, may open the way to a long-needed reappraisal of the field. The authors do not allow the usual excuse for inaction, that no alternative is offered. The alternative is well developed and rendered more formidable in its attempt to alleviate the specific ills so well documented by the authors. It also captures the spirit behind the ethnomethodology movement in sociology, an enticing feature for those drawn by forefronts. In short, this is revolutionary stuff and deserves closest examination.

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