Therapeutic Realities: Collaboration, Oppression, And Relational Flow

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Therapeutic Realities: Collaboration, Oppression, And Relational Flow


Social constructionist thought transforms psychotherapy, opening new vistas in understanding and practice. This work provides a brief introduction to social construction, and then illuminates the landscape of change. Special emphasis is given to topics of therapeutic communication, narrative, and therapeutic practices both traditional and contemporary. Critical chapters focus on the oppression of psychodiagnostic categories and the neuro/biological and pharmaceutical investments that support them. Additional chapters provide a range of insights into the poetics of therapy, collaborative practices with clients, and the broader flow of relationships in which therapy takes place. Lively discussions with therapy doyens, Mony Elkaim and Michael Hoyt, conclude the work. This book contains Kenneth Gergen's major contributions to therapeutic thought and practice. Earlier writings are updated and orchestrated, and original chapters added to reflect his most recent thinking on therapy as a process of collaborative construction.

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Taos Institute

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