Transnational Psychology In The classroom: A Pluralistic Approach

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Book Chapter

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Transnational Psychology Of Women: Expanding International And Intersectional Approaches

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Psychology Of Women


This chapter suggests ways to help instructors and students understand transnational concepts more fully and hopefully adopt a more transnational research program and psychological perspective. Teaching transnational psychology requires a transformation in instructors' and students' appreciation for the range of impacts of globalization on individuals and communities and the extent to which globalization and power asymmetries may influence psychological phenomena. Transnational psychological perspectives require the rejection of assumptions of universality and greater examination of reciprocal interactions among multiple dynamic, intersecting factors. Through the assignments and activities, instructors can help students "disrupt" their belief systems and look at psychological constructs and data from the perspectives of Global Majority communities. The chapter describes readings, assignments, and classroom activities that can be used in any class in which transnational psychology is covered. It is useful in infusing transnational psychology into the curriculum generally, as well as enriching a dedicated course on the topic. (PsycInfo Database Record (c) 2022 APA, all rights reserved)

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American Psychological Association


L. H. Collins, S. Machizawa, and J. K. Rice

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