Dimensions Of Feminist Therapy

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83rd Annual Meeting Of The American Psychological Association


This paper reviews the current status of psychotherapy for women from a feminist perspective. It examines the sexist prejudices and biases of traditional psychotherapies and psychological approaches; notes the manners in which therapy has often tended to reinforce the traditional sex role stereotyping and the women's consequent negative self image; explores available corrective theories that would lessen sexist bias; examines possible models of feminist therapies; and places the latter in the broader framework of psychological and Psychotherapeutic theories. The author also relates to emerging alternative support systems increasingly available to women; examples such as crisis counseling, consciousness-raising groups, etc. are also discussed. The author provides an extensive bibliography on methods, research and practices of psychotherapy with regard to women. (NG)


Bias, Feminism, Literature Reviews, Psychotherapy, Sex Discrimination, Sex Role, Social Attitudes, Therapy


83rd Annual Meeting Of The American Psychological Association

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August 30-September 2, 1975

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Chicago, IL