Cultures In Motion: Challenges To Future Inquiry

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Asian Indigenous Psychologies In The Global Context


The traditional orientation to the psychological study of culture presumes a more or less stable and coherent unit of study. Cross-cultural psychology, for example, compares cultures via various measures, presuming that said measures will enable prediction of life within these cultures. In this offering we propose that cultures are in continuous motion, absorbing ways of life from the global flows of people, information, values, innovations, and so on. The concept of indigenous culture might properly be replaced by the concept of integrative emergence. We illustrate this with four cases from China, Taiwan, Japan and India in which professionals in psychology and related areas carry out work that brings about new cultural hybrids. Several implications for future inquiry are explored.


Cross-cultural psychology, Cultural hybrids, Cultural transformation, Future forming research, Indigenous culture

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Palgrave Macmillan


K.-H. Yeh