Feminist Psychology

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Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia Of Social Theory


Feminist psychology is a subfield of psychology concerned with gender, sex categories, and sexualities. It includes both academic researchers and practitioners (i.e., psychotherapists and counselors). Feminist scholarship is often fueled by a commitment to social justice. Feminist psychologists have challenged cultural beliefs about innate female nature, and also invidious stereotypes about various groups of women. It has brought to light the lives and experiences of women and girls across the social spectrum. Feminists have also examined the part that gender plays in the distribution of power in society. In clinical psychology, feminists have insisted on the connection between psychological suffering and social context, with some focusing on experiences of sexual abuse and intimate violence.


feminism, feminist therapy, gender, intersectionality, sexualities

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B. S. Turner, C. Kyung-Sup, C. F. Epstein, P. Kivisto, W. Outhwaite, and J. M. Ryan

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