Social Psychology And Social Justice: Dilemmas, Dynamics, And Destinies

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Book Chapter

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The Oxford Handbook Of Social Psychology And Social Justice


The emergence of this handbook on social justice represents a groundbreaking event in the history of social psychology. In this summary discussion, I outline significant limits to social justice work embedded in the empiricist tradition of inquiry and point to ways in which the current work transcends these limits. However, I also view the present endeavors as in a fledgling state. In the service of enriching and rendering these pursuits more effective, I discuss five domains in which tensions currently prevail and suggest directions for future undertakings. Challenges are discussed in terms of epistemological schisms, presumed ontologies, value pluralism, explanatory paradigms, and the limits of representationalism. A final invitation is made to shift from a mirroring orientation to research to world-making.


epistemology, ethics, pluralism, representationalism, social construction, social psychology, pragmatics

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Oxford University Press


P. L. Hammack

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