Review Of "Reconceiving Womanhood: Separating Motherhood From Female Identity" By M. S. Ireland

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Book Review

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Contemporary Psychology


Reviews the book, Reconceiving Womanhood: Separating Motherhood from Female Identity by Mardy S. Ireland (1993). In this essay, Ireland examines feminine identity and motherhood. The first portion of the book recounts an anecdotal study of women without children. Based on retrospective accounts gleaned through open-ended interviews, Ireland explores "pathways to an adult identity" outside of motherhood. This book will be of interest to clinicians, especially those who work with women who are struggling with decisions about childbearing or who are confronting the impossibility of conceiving.


This work is a review of "Reconceiving Womanhood: Separating Motherhood From Female Identity" by M. S. Ireland.

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