Psychology Of Women And Gender

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Book Chapter

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Handbook Of Psychology: History Of Psychology


The subfield of psychology of women and gender coalesced in the 1970s, spurred by the resurgence of American feminism. However, scientific interest in women and gender stretches back through the discipline's history. We first describe early female psychologists; for these women, investigations of sex and gender entwined with their struggles for recognition and fair treatment. Turning to the past 40 years, we provide an account of some key accomplishments. Researchers have addressed a wide range of topics, theories, and social problems; research has always been paired with critical examination of methods of inquiry and epistemology. In clinical and counseling psychology, feminist thinkers have offered new theory, innovative practices, and ethical reflections. The chapter closes with a description of several organizations of psychologists concerned with gender equality, the status of women in the profession, and social justice.


psychology of women, feminist psychology, psychology of gender, history



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John Wiley And Sons


D. K. Freedheim And I. B. Weiner

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