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Conference Proceeding

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Formation Of Binary Stars: Proceedings Of The 200th Symposium Of The International Astronomical Union

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IAU Symposia Proceedings


The pre-main-sequence spectroscopic binary AK Sco is surrounded by a circumbinary disk. Yet while this disk must be somewhat disturbed by the binary at its center, there is no evidence from current data that it has a cleared central hole like those seen in some young binaries, nor that accretion from the outer disk has been cut off. Indeed, most of its spectral and photometric diagnostics are indistinguishable from those of young single stars. Why doesn't this system show any evidence of disturbance of its disk? It may be that the center of the disk is indeed largely cleared, but that a small amount of dust in this region supplies the observed near-infrared excess.

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Astronomical Society of the Pacific


H. Zinnecker and R. Mathieu, eds.


IAU Symposium 200: Formation Of Binary Stars

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April 10-15, 2000

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Potsdam, Germany


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This work is a preprint retrieved from the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System at 2001IAUS..200..342J.