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Physical Review B


Phonon densities of states (DOSs) of body-centered cubic chromium were measured by time-of-flight inelastic neutron scattering at temperatures up to 1493 K. Density functional theory calculations with both quasiharmonic (QH) and anharmonic (AH) methods were performed at temperatures above the Néel temperature. Features in the phonon DOSs decrease in energy (soften) substantially with temperature. A Born–von Kármán analysis using fits to the experimental DOSs reveals a softening of almost 17% of the high-transverse phonon branch between 330 and 1493 K. The low-transverse branch changes by approximately half this amount. The AH calculations capture the observed behavior of the two transverse phonon branches, but the QH calculations give some inverted trends. Vibrational entropies from phonons and electrons are obtained, and their sum is in excellent agreement with the entropy of chromium obtained by calorimetry, indicating that above 330 K, no explicit temperature-dependent magnetic contributions are necessary.


This work is freely available courtesy of the American Physical Society.

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