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Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society


We present the discovery of an exoplanet transiting TOI-908 (TIC-350153977) using data from TESS sectors 1, 12, 13, 27, 28, and 39. TOI-908 is a T = 10.7 mag G-dwarf (Teff = 5626 ± 61 K) solar-like star with a mass of 0.950 ± 0.010 M⊙ and a radius of 1.028 ± 0.030 R⊙. The planet, TOI-908 b, is a 3.18 ± 0.16 R⊕ planet in a 3.18 d orbit. Radial velocity measurements from HARPS reveal TOI-908 b has a mass of approximately 16.1 ± 4.1 M⊕, resulting in a bulk planetary density of 2.7 (+0.2)/(-0.4)g cm⁻³. TOI-908 b lies in a sparsely populated region of parameter space known as the Neptune desert. The planet likely began its life as a sub-Saturn planet before it experienced significant photoevaporation due to X-rays and extreme ultraviolet radiation from its host star, and is likely to continue evaporating, losing a significant fraction of its residual envelope mass.


techniques: photometric, techniques: radial velocities, planets and satellites: detection, stars: individual: TOI-908 (TIC-350153977, GAIA DR3 46192380870592067842)

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