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Astrophysical Journal


We report the discovery of KELT-3b, a moderately inflated transiting hot Jupiter with a mass of 1.477(-0.067)(+0.066) M-J, radius of 1.345 +/- 0.072 R-J, and an orbital period of 2.7033904 +/- 0.000010 days. The host star, KELT-3, is a V = 9.8 late F star with M-* = 1.278(-0.061)(+0.063) M-circle dot, R-* = 1.472(-0.067)(+0.065) R-circle dot, T-eff = 6306(-49)(+50) K, log(g) = 4.209(-0.031)(+0.033), and [Fe/H] = 0.044(-0.082)(+0.080), and has a likely proper motion companion. KELT-3b is the third transiting exoplanet discovered by the KELT survey, and is orbiting one of the 20 brightest known transiting planet host stars, making it a promising candidate for detailed characterization studies. Although we infer that KELT-3 is significantly evolved, a preliminary analysis of the stellar and orbital evolution of the system suggests that the planet has likely always received a level of incident flux above the empirically identified threshold for radius inflation suggested by Demory & Seager.


This work is freely available courtesy of IOP Publishing and the American Astronomical Society.