Long Lived Taylor states In SSX For Magneto-Inertial Fusion

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Bulletin Of The American Physical Society


Our recent focus has been on increasing the magnetic lifetime of compressed Taylor state plasmas at SSX [1] primarily by focussing attention on the electron temperature. We have installed a new tungsten coated copper flux conserver to reduce sputtering and provide a clean plasma facing surface. We estimate Te with a vacuum ultraviolet spectrometer measurement of the ratio of the CIII 97.7 nm to CIV 155 nm line intensities [2]. A preliminary measurement has Te∼10 eV. We bake and glow discharge clean the vacuum surface to remove adsorbed contaminants. Our current measured parameters include velocity (40 km/s), density (0.5×1016 cm−3), proton temperature (20 eV), and magnetic field (0.4 T) of relaxed helical Taylor states in the new flux conserver.


60th Annual Meeting Of The APS Division Of Plasma Physics

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November 5-9, 2018

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Portland, OR

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