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Physical Review


α−d correlations in quasi-elastic scattering of 23.6-MeV α particles on the deuteron cluster of the ⁶Li target were measured in and off the principal reaction plane. Despite the low c.m. energy of 14.2 MeV, the impulse approximation provides a reasonable description of the quasifree process. Computations were based on the asymptotic α−d S-state wave function and on the cluster-model wave function of ⁶Li. Insensitivity of the fits to the details of the ⁶Li cluster-model wave function indicates an extreme surface reaction mechanism. The full width at half-maximum of the spectator momentum distribution was found to be 48±6 MeV/c. By comparing the experimental cross section for the quasifree process at the maximum of the angular correlation ((d2σ/dΩddΩ)=68±9 mb/sr² at θ=25°,θ(d)=45°) with the corresponding cross section for the free process, the probability of finding ⁶Li as an α−d cluster was evaluated.


This work is freely available courtesy of the American Physical Society.

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