Intraoperative NIR Diffuse Optical Tomography System Based On Spatially Modulated Illumination Using The DLP4500 Evaluation Module (Conference Presentation)

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Emerging Digital Micromirror Device Based Systems And Applications IX


We present a biomedical application of Digital Micro-mirror technologies by adapting the DLP4500 module for quasi real-time intraoperative tumor imaging. Fluorescence image guided surgery has been increasingly popular due to its ability to inform surgeons about tumor boundaries in real-time. We have extended this technique to provide 3D tomographic images of a tumor, by adapting a DLP4500 device to illuminate the surgical field with spatially modulated near-infrared (NIR) light. We combine the digital micro-mirror device (DMD) with two simultaneously triggered CMOS cameras to realize a spatial frequency domain imaging system. Spatial frequency domain imaging utilizes sinusoidally modulated illumination at different spatial frequencies and three different phases; corresponding signals are readily demodulated, and analyzed to derive a 3D fluorescence image. Our DMD device is commercially modified and equipped with high-power (5W) NIR diode laser. We present a brief discussion of data acquisition using DLP4500 module, and corrections for spatial inhomogeneity and gamma adjust in order to create linear/desired sinusoidal illumination of NIR light. We discuss results from a tissue phantom study and in-vivo experiments.

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M. R. Douglass and B. L. Lee



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January 28-February 2, 2017

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San Francisco, CA

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