Deuteron And Alpha-Particle Total Reaction Cross Sections For Nuclei With A~50

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Journal Of Physics G: Nuclear Physics


The total reaction cross sections for the target nuclei 45 Sc, 48 Ti, 51 V and 52,53,54 Cr induced by 13.6 MeV deuterons and 27.2 MeV alpha particles were measured. The deuteron-induced total reaction cross sections for 48 Ti and 52,54 Cr are well reproduced by optical-model calculations. Ambiguity of parameters for these nuclei is reduced considerably. The total reaction cross sections corresponding to alpha particles are analysed in the quasiclassical approximation. It is shown that isotopic-isotonic effects may be explained quantitatively if one assumes that the diffuseness of the nuclear density distribution for the nucleus 52 Cr is less than that for 51 V by Delta a=0.28+or-0.11 fm, and the diffuseness of the isotope 54 Cr is greater than that for 52 Cr by Delta a=0.13+or-0.11 fm. The optical-model analysis of elastic scattering and total reaction cross sections for the nuclei 45 Sc, 48 Ti and 51 V was carried out concurrently. The experimental data are explained successfully using a six-parameter optical potential.

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