Implications Of Hα Observations For Studies Of The CMB

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Book Chapter

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Microwave Foregrounds

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Astronomical Society Of The Pacific Conference Series


We summarize the relationship between the free-free emission foreground and Galactic H-alpha emission. H-alpha observations covering nearly the entire celestial sphere are described. These data provide a template to isolate and/or remove the effect of Galactic free-free emission from observations of the cosmic microwave background. Spectroscopy and imaging provide to complementary methods for measuring the H-alpha emission. Spectroscopy is favored for its velocity resolution and imaging is favored for tis angular resolution. With templates of the three dominant foregrounds, namely synchrotron, thermal dust, and free-free emissions, it may be possible to quantify the location and the brightness of another foreground such as that from rotating dust grains.

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Astronomical Society Of The Pacific


A. de Oliveira-Costa And M. Tegmark


Sloan Summit On Origins

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November 14-15, 1998

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Princeton, New Jersey