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Physical Review Letters


We study the effect of dilute pinning on the jamming transition. Pinning reduces the average contact number needed to jam unpinned particles and shifts the jamming threshold to lower densities, leading to a pinning susceptibility, χp. Our main results are that this susceptibility obeys scaling form and diverges in the thermodynamic limit as χp∝|ϕ−ϕ∞c|−γp where ϕ∞c is the jamming threshold in the absence of pins. Finite-size scaling arguments yield these values with associated statistical (systematic) errors γp=1.018±0.026(0.291) in d=2 and γp=1.534±0.120(0.822) in d=3. Logarithmic corrections raise the exponent in d=2 to close to the d=3 value, although the systematic errors are very large.


This work is freely available courtesy of the American Physical Society.

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