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Bulletin Of The American Physical Society


The SSX plasma device has been converted to a 2.5 m merging plasma wind tunnel configuration. Experiments are underway to study merging and stagnation of high density, helical Taylor states\footnote{Gray, et al, PRL {\bf 110}, 085002 (2013).} to employ as a potential target for magneto-inertial fusion. Eventually, SSX Taylor states will be accelerated to over 100 km/s and compressed to small volumes either by stagnation or merging. Initial un-accelerated merging studies produce peak proton densities of 5×1015 cm−3. Densities are measured with a precision quadrature He-Ne laser interferometer. Typical merged plasma parameters are Ti=20 eV,Te=10 eV,B=0.4 T with lifetimes of 100 μs. Results from a single prototype acceleration coil will be presented, as well as initial simulation studies of Taylor state plasma acceleration using multiple staged, pulsed theta-pinch coils.


This work is freely available courtesy of the American Physical Society.

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