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Optics Letters


We investigated the current-voltage characteristics and responsivity of photodiodes fabricated with silicon that was microstructured by use of femtosecond-laser pulses in a sulfur-containing atmosphere. The photodiodes that we fabricated have a broad spectral response ranging from the visible to the near infrared (400-1600 nm). The responsivity depends on substrate doping, microstructuring fluence, and annealing temperature. We obtained room-temperature responsivities as high as 100 A/W at 1064 nm, 2 orders of magnitude higher than for standard silicon photodiodes. For wavelengths below the bandgap we obtained responsivities as high as 50 mA/W at 1330 nm and 35 mA/W at 1550 nm.


This work is a preprint freely available courtesy of the author and the Optical Society of America.

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