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Astrophysical Journal


We discuss new methods of measuring and interpreting the forbidden-to-intercombination line ratios of heliumlike triplets in the X-ray spectra of O- type stars, including accounting for the spatial distribution of the X-ray-emitting plasma and using the detailed photospheric UV spectrum. Measurements are made for four O stars using archival Chandra HETGS data. We assume an X- ray-emitting plasma spatially distributed in the wind above some minimum radius R-0. We find minimum radii of formation typically in the range of 1.25 < R-0 / R-* < 1.67, which is consistent with results obtained independently from line profile fits. We find no evidence for anomalously low f / i ratios, and we do not require the existence of X-ray-emitting plasmas at radii that are too small to generate sufficiently strong shocks.


This work is freely available courtesy of IOP Publishing and the American Astronomical Society.