High Pressure Optical Measurements On BP III And The Isotropic Phase Of A Highly Chiral Liquid Crystal

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Liquid Crystals


The optical activity and light transmission of the blue phases and isotropic phase of 4''-(2-methylbutylphenyl)-4'-(2-methylbutyl)-4-biphenylcarboxylate (CE2) are investigated under high pressure. The temperature ranges of the first (BP I) and third (BP III) blue phases show only the slightest change, if any, with increasing pressure. This is the first time BP III, a phase which is not understood at all, has been investigated under pressure. In addition, an alternative analysis to the one reported previously is reported which confirms that the pretransitional optical activity in the isotropic phase changes very slightly due to pressure, and even this small change seems to be due to small changes in pitch and index of refraction. Taken together, these observations indicate that high pressure has little effect on both the BP III phase and the transition to the isotropic phase in highly chiral systems, even though the BP III phase differs significantly from the other blue phases and strong short range fluctuations make the transition appear continuous optically.

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