Review Of "How Should One Live?: Essays On The Virtues" Edited By R. Crisp

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This is a superb collection of essays on the virtues. Its only rival is the fine anthology The Virtues: Contemporary Essays on Moral Character, ed. by R.B. Kruschwitz and R.C. Roberts (1987). Crisp's collection consists of nothing but original essays--all of high quality--and his own introduction is incisive. Further, Kruschwitz and Roberts' collection might be described as a "first wave" of reflection on virtue theory, whereas Crisp's takes the discussion to a level that is at once higher and deeper. One learns from each of these essays, not only about virtues and their place in a comprehensive moral theory, but how virtues fit into the views of ancient Greek philosophers, Kant, utilitarians,--and the authors: T.H. Irwin, John Cottingham, Rosalind Hursthouse, Onora O'Neill, Michael Slote, David Wiggins, Brad Hooker, Gabriele Taylor, Michael Stocker, Andrew Mason, Susan Muller Okin, and Lawrence Blum. Highly recommended for all university libraries and larger public libraries. General; upper-division undergraduate through professional.


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