Review Of "Dworkin And His Critics: With Replies By Dworkin" Edited By J. Burley

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If distinguished critics honor distinguished thinkers by their criticisms, political and legal philosopher Ronald Dworkin is certainly blessed, for this volume's original essays are written by highly regarded philosophers. Part 1 (on equality, liberty, and the good life) contains important essays by G.A. Cohen, M.C. Christofidis, P. van Parijs, M. Otsuka, R.J. Arneson, and M. Clayton. Justice is the subject of part 2, and here Dworkin faces trenchant criticisms by W. Kymlicka, L.A. Jacobs, P. Casal, A. Williams, and J. Burley (the editor of the volume). Part 3 (on abortion, euthanasia, and assisted suicide) includes essays by S.V. Shiffrin, F.M. Kamm, and E. Rakowski. Dworkin found fame first as a legal philosopher, and that is the subject of part 4, where Dworkin faces criticisms by L. Green, J. Raz, G.J. Postema, and J. Waldron. In part 5 it is Dworkin's duty (and pleasure) to reply to each of his critics, sometimes briefly, but often at length--and instructively so. Readers will learn much not only about Dworkin and the state of his present thinking, but also about the positions of his prominent critics. This outstanding collection is professionally edited and produced. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Library collections supporting upper-level undergraduates, professional philosophers, legal theorists, political scientists, and the educated public.


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