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Beyond Representation: Philosophy And Poetic Imagination

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Cambridge Studies In Philosophy And The Arts


The essays in this volume explore the ways in which traditional philosophical problems about self-knowledge, self-identity, and value have migrated into literature since the Romantic and Idealist periods. How do so-called literary works take up these problems in a new way? What conception of the subject is involved in this literary practice? How are the lines of demarcation between philosophy and literature problematized. The contributors examine these issues with reference both to Romantic and Idealist writers and to some of their subsequent literary and philosophical inheritors and revisers. Their essays offer a philosophical understanding of the roots and nature of contemporary literary and philosophical practice, and elaborate powerful and influential, but rarely decisively articulated, conceptions of the human subject and of value

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Cambridge University Press


Richard Thomas Eldridge


This work was edited and features an introduction by Richard Thomas Eldridge.

The introduction of this work is freely available courtesy of Cambridge University Press.

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