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Interview: Hugh Lacey

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Trabalho, Educação E Saúde


Hugh Lacey is Scheuer Family Professor of Philosophy Emeritus and Senior Research at the Swarthmore College (Pennsylvania, U.S.A.), where he taught for thirty years, and researcher collaborator in the thematic project: "Gênese e significado da tecnociência: relações entre ciência, tecnologia e sociedade", USP/FAPESP. Between 1969 and 1971 he was a lecturer at the Department of Philosophy of the University of São Paulo and ever since he has developed an intense interaction with Brazilian Universities and Research Institutes, with many others visits. Some of his main research interests are: the interplay between facts and values, the relevance of the development of alternatives to technoscientific practices (e.g., agroecology), the precautionary principle and transgenics. To end this brief presentation, it is important to mention Professor Lacey’s numerous publications, some of which listed at the end of the interview, as well as some publications on his work made by Brazilian Researchers.

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