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Electronic Journal Of Differential Equations


We consider the boundary value problem −Δu + c(x)u = αm(x)u+βm(x)u + f(x,u), x∈Ω, (∂u)/(∂η) + σ(x)u = αρ(x)u+βρ(x)u + g(x,u), x∈∂Ω, where (α,β) ∈R2, c, mL(Ω), σ, ρL(∂Ω), and the nonlinearities f and g are bounded continuous functions. We study the asymmetric (Fucik) spectrum with weights, and prove existence theorems for nonlinear perturbations of this spectrum for both the resonance and non-resonance cases. For the resonance case, we provide a sufficient condition, the so-called generalized Landesman-Lazer condition, for the solvability. The proofs are based on variational methods and rely strongly on the variational characterization of the spectrum.


Fucik Spectrum, resonance, nonlinear boundary condition

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