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Permutation Patterns: St. Andrews 2007

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London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series


We give a new lower bound of 0.10472422757673209041 for the packing density of 2413, justify it by a construction, and conjecture that this value is actually equal to the packing density. Along the way we define the packing rate of a permutation with respect to a measure, and show that maximizing the packing rate of a pattern over all measures gives the packing density of the pattern.

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Cambridge University Press


S. Linton, N. Ruškuc, V. Vatter


This material has been published in Permutation Patterns, edited by Steve Linton, Nik Ruškuc, and Vincent Vatter. This version is free to view and download for private research and study only. Not for re-distribution or re-use. © Cambridge University Press 2010.

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