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Electronic Journal Of Differential Equations


In this article we study the existence of strong bounded solutions for nonlinear parabolic systems on a domain which is bounded in space and unbounded in time (namely the entire real line). We use nonlinear iteration arguments combined with some a priori estimates to derive the existence results. We also provide conditions under which we have a positive solution. Some examples are given to illustrate the results.


Nonlinear parabolic systems, nonlinear boundary conditions, Carathéodory functions, quasimonotone properties, sub and supersolutions


Variational And Topological Methods: Theory, Applications, Numerical Simulations, And Open Problems

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June 6-9, 2012

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Flagstaff, AZ

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This work is freely available under a Creative Commons License. This paper was presented at the 2012 conference Variational and Topological Methods: Theory, Applications, Numerical Simulations, and Open Problems.

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