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Journal Of Geometry And Physics


In this paper, we propose a generalization of classical coKähler geometry from the point of view of generalized contact metric geometry. This allows us to generalize a theorem of Capursi (1984), Goldberg (1968) and show that the product M1×M2M1×M2 of generalized contact metric manifolds (Mi,Φi,E±,i,Gi)(Mi,Φi,E±,i,Gi), i=1,2i=1,2, where M1×M2M1×M2 is endowed with the product (twisted) generalized complex structure induced from Φ1Φ1 and Φ2Φ2, is (twisted) generalized Kähler if and only if View the MathML source(Mi,Φi,E±,i,Gi),i=1,2 are (twisted) generalized coKähler structures. As an application of our theorem we construct new examples of twisted generalized Kähler structures on manifolds that do not admit a classical Kähler structure and we give examples of twisted generalized coKähler structures on manifolds which do not admit a classical coKähler structure.


This work is a preprint available from at arXiv:1502.07046v3.

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