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Two-Year College Mathematics Journal


The mathematical career of Albert W. Tucker, Professor Emeritus at Princeton University, spans more than 50 years. Best known today for his work in mathematical programming and the theory of games (e.g., the Kuhn-Tucker theorem, Tucker tableaux, and the Prisoner's Dilemma), he was also in his earlier years prominent in topology. Outstanding teacher, administrator and leader, he has been President of the MAA, Chairman of the Princeton Mathematics Department, and course instructor, thesis advisor or general mentor to scores of active mathematicians. He is also known for his views on mathematics education and the proper interplay between teaching and research. Tucker took an active interest in this interview, helping with both the planning and the editing. The interviewer, Professor Maurer, received his Ph.D. under Tucker in 1972 and teaches at Swarthmore College.


Reprinted in: (1985). Mathematical People. Edited by D. J. Albers and G. L. Alexanderson. Boston: Birkhauser.

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