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Proceedings Of The 16th International Workshop On Treebanks And Linguistic Theories


In this paper we introduce the UD Annotatrix annotation tool for manual annotation of Universal Dependencies. This tool has been designed with the aim that it should be tailored to the needs of the Universal Dependencies (UD) community, including that it should operate in fully-offline mode, and is freely-available under the GNU GPL licence. In this paper, we provide some background to the tool, an overview of its development, and background on how it works. We compare it with some other widely-used tools which are used for Universal Dependencies annotation, describe some features unique to UD Annotatrix, and finally outline some avenues for future work and provide a few concluding remarks.


annotation, interface, Universal Dependencies


J. Hajič


16th International Workshop On Treebanks And Linguistic Theories

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January 23-24, 2018

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Prague, Czech Republic

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