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Fall 2016

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Anthropological Linguistics/Linguistic Anthropology


In this assignment, students will learn basic methods in corpus linguistics, an emerging field at the intersection of humanities and quantitative social science. They will learn how to search large English language corpora (e.g., the 900 million word Cambridge International Corpus) to look for otherwise hidden patterns of language use. They will be able to track the emergence of new words, shifts in meaning in existing words, and note the obsolescence of some words. They will interpret their findings in light of how language usage reflects societal attitudes and social change.

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Swarthmore College Provost Office

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Professors K. David Harrison and Jamie Thomas were awarded a Digital Humanities Curricular Grant from the Provost's Office for use in their fall 2016 course, Anthropological Linguistics/Linguistic Anthropology (LING21, ANTH020N). The course syllabus, an archived version of the course Moodle page, assignment instructions, and a completed student example are made freely available here courtesy of the author.

LING21_CorpusLinguisticsAssignment_Anderson.pdf (1918 kB)
"Race, Age, and "Hipsterdom" in the COCA" by Celine Anderson '19