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Fall 2016

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Anthropological Linguistics/Linguistic Anthropology


Anthropological Linguistics course description:
Communication and culture mutually define one another across communities worldwide. Human linguistic diversity, language contact and language change, and face-to-face communication continue to be key areas of inquiry for both linguistics and anthropology. Colonialism, globalization, mobility, and new technologies are changing the way we transmit and conceive of cultural knowledge, community, and our selves and the natural environment. In this course we draw attention to codeswitching, creoles, language endangerment, and constructed languages as reflections of our changing societies. We also address the ethics of fieldwork as a means of investigating these important social phenomena at the interfaces of language/ecology, language/identity, Global North/South.

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Swarthmore College Provost Office

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Professors K. David Harrison and Jamie Thomas were awarded a Digital Humanities Curricular Grant from the Provost's Office for use in their fall 2016 course, Anthropological Linguistics/Linguistic Anthropology (LING21, ANTH020N). The course syllabus, an archived version of the course Moodle page, assignment instructions, and a completed student example are made freely available here courtesy of the author.

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