Gracie The Pixie Of The Puddle

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Gracie The Pixie Of The Puddle


The acclaimed Donna Jo Napoli's beloved and hilarious series about Pin, the (frog) Prince of the Pond, continues with more funny language, wild adventure, and magic. As Gracie the frog picks up the story, she knows her friend Jimmy is special, but even she can't believe his wild stories about his human father and his own adventures as a boy in the palace. Still, she follows him when he leaves the pond. But can she overcome a wicked hag-turned-crocodile, a bratty princess, a menacing cook, and her own froggy instincts to rescue Jimmy and win his love? Slapstick antics and a rich, tender tone will reward the many fans of this funny, touching series, praised by "Kirkus Reviews" for its "endearing screwball charm."

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