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Fall 2018

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Japanese Modernism


Japanese Modernism course description:
A lively and cosmopolitan modernist literature and art scene thrived in early 20th Century Japan, as cities such as Tokyo and Osaka grew rapidly, and writers and artists established connections with their counterparts across the globe. During the same decades, stylish "modern girls" and "modern boys" in Japanese cities were hailed in the press as avatars of newly liberated lifestyles and fashions, or derided by conservatives as the dupes of corrupt Western influences. This course will explore Japanese modernist literature, its global connections, and its social context, using a seminar format. Topics include: Japanese avant-garde literature, film, and art; gender, sexuality, and modernism; the politics and aesthetics of "modern" life and lifestyles; socialist and anarchist literature; "ero-guro-nonsense" as subversive literature; wartime censorship and propaganda; and Japanese influences on global modernisms.

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