Transitions To Capitalism In Early Modern Europe

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Transitions To Capitalism In Early Modern Europe


Between the end of the Middle Ages and the Industrial Revolution, the long-established structures and practices of European agriculture and industry were slowly, disparately, but profoundly transformed. Transitions to Capitalism in Early Modern Europe narrates and analyzes the diverse patterns of economic change that permanently modified rural and urban production, altered Europe's economic geographies, and gave birth to new social classes. Broad in chronological and geographical scope and explicitly comparative, the book introduces readers to a wealth of information drawn from throughout Mediterranean, east-central, and western Europe, as well as to the classic interpretations and current debates and revisions. The study incorporates recent scholarship on world economy, proto-industry, women's work, and consumption, and it discusses at length the impact of the emergent capitalist order on Europe's working people. Also included are lists of suggested readings which direct students to the latest research on a wide variety of subjects

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